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Substance Abuse & Treatment
Alcohol addiction is almost synonymous to drug abuse, just, more often than not, it is a more self-inherited form of abuse.
Recovery & Support services
After you’re in recovery and begin to get on track, you might feel like you can do anything on your own.
Addiction Awareness
Addiction is defined as obsessive thinking and compulsive need for drugs, alcohol, food, sex or anything despite the resulting
Relapse Prevention Plan
Relapse into heavy drug or alcohol use after a period of abstinence does not mean that you have failed.? Relapsing at least once is
Love and Care Treatment
Moksh Foundation helps people, families, and groups battling with alcohol misuse, substance misuse, and medication
Personal counselling
We have Team of Experts for counselling to motivate patients. Your intake counselor will gather your mental health background


freedom from addiction

Our services also available in Nashik, Mumbai, Pune, Bharuch and Surat.

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